Rho Outpost

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Rho Outpost was a large outpost on an unnamed planet controlled by the UNSC. In early 2553, it was attacked by the Covenant. Many men were deployed to assist the occupants of the base, including Squad 596. More will be written soon.


3:56 AM - Banshee fliers are seen scouting the base

4:24 AM - All troopers at the base are ordered to sniper nests and anti-aircraft guns

4:41 AM - The first Phantom dropships appear near the base

5:00 AM - Squad 596 is ordered to the facility

5:37 AM - Squad 596 arrives at Rho Outpost

5:40 AM - Spartan-IIs arrive at the outpost

5:47 AM - The first wave of Covenant is dropped off

6:09 AM - The CO of the base is killed by a Sangheili Zealot

6:13 AM - UNSC Marine reinforcements arrive

6:22 AM - Three Pelicans carrying Jackhammer launchers, and ODSTs arrive

6:25 AM - An ODST carrying 20 pounds of C-12 explosives jumps onto the Phantom leaving to pick up more troops, and the ODST detonates the C-12, killing himself, but destroying their last transport in the process.

6:25 AM - The first wave of Covenant forces are fought off, the South wing is beginning to fall apart

7:00 AM - UNSC forces rally at the North wing, and Army Captain J. Miner sets his sniper team up at the highest vantage point, where they wait for the next wave

7:29 AM - Rho falls.