Funny Pictures Halo Coffee Break This article is fanon and not part of the Halo universe. The author of this fanon is Sgt Stacker117.
Biographical information
Spartan Tag B-176
Birth dateN/A (age: 24)
Death dateN/A
Physical description
Height6' 2"
Hair colorRed (dyed)
Eye colorBlue
Affiliation and military information

Back LifeEdit

Like just about every other spartan she was taken by Oni at the age of 6 where they augmented her and put her through SPARTAN III training and she has a good amount of medical training. She has no idea where she was born but the paper work sugests Reach.


Chloe -1

Chloe B-176

Bad CompanyEdit

She dosn't exactly work with Bad Company but they seem to request her on missions given to them by ONI. They say that they like that shes a human not a spartan.

Rtas 'ChavamEdit

She (like we said before) has spent alot of time with Rtas 'Chavam, the Bad Company mercenary Sagheilli that we captured and augmented, which perplexes us. When confronted about it she will either not answer or she will reply that Rtas and his father are not like the other elites (which they definatley arn't). The time they spend together is almost like a date.

Relations Edit

PFC Peterson- Dosn't like him much

Thel 'Chavam- Neutral

Jim Hicks- Good friends

Bill Hudson- Good Friends

Rtas 'Chavam- Extremely good friends (were looking into it)

Elizibeth (Liz)- Neutral