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"And for one brief moment, I'm human...."
—Cody's last words
was a Private and the fourth member of ODST Fireteam Foxtrot.


Cody was a well-trained soldier. He went through many missions with Valiant, Kayla, and Max until he met his end on New Mombasa saving two civilians from spiker rounds by shielding them with his armor.

During the time period of nearly a decade while serving ONI, he began to feel that he had lost his humanity during the war. Each kill had a moral impact on him. In his dying breaths he thought that he had found his humanity again.


He was usually fighting the insurrectionists and Covenant with a BR55.


"For decades the human race has fought against an alien enemy we hardly understand. We held our own...barely. Running and hiding as usual. Lately I've been thinking-I don't feel anything when I kill anymore. It's me or the alien. But, I relentlessly kill. I wanna be human again..I want my humanity."

-Cody's last log before being dropped at New Mombasa