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Biographical information
Spartan Tag A136
Birth dateFebruary 15th, 2522
Death dateN/A (October 10th, 2552
Physical description
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorGreen
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC Navy
Specialtyclose range, heavy weapons, medium range
BattlesBattle of Arcadia, Battle of Reach

Darman-A136 (nicknamed Dar) is a Commander. he is a marksman and CQC specialist in Squad 596 and Squad 666. He was originally a member of Theta Squad, an elite group of highly trained commandos who were killed when posing with a bomb thought to have been defused. Darman was the only survivor of the explosion, due to him being the volunteer to take the picture (a constant source of sorrow for him)


On a mission with a group of SPARTAN commandos, him, Jack-A167, and Matt-A124 were sent to investigate a thought to be an abandoned UNSC fort. As they entered, the 3 SPARTANS were cornered. Jack-A167 attempted to go for the door, but was cut down by a Covenant plasma cannon. Matt-A124 and Darman were forced to make a sacrifice. Matt told Darman to head to the others and get help. He would cover him and hold out as long as possible. As he headed for the door, a fuel rod shot came out of nowhere and blocked the door. A sniper killed Matt and left Darman. His comms were jammed and the Elites and himself charged each other. When the squad finally got into the base, they chased off the remainder of the Elites and found the 3 SPARTAN bodies, Jack by the door shot up, Matt in a corner with his chest blown up, and Darman's body among 30 dead Elites. He posthumously recieved the Medal of Honor as well as his 3 SPARTAN brothers.


  • M6S: Christened "Saturday Night Special" by Darman, this custom M6 features a unique blue paint job as well as custom grips, and tritium iluminated iron sights, in additon to the supressor and smart linked 4x scope standard on the gun
  • M90 CAWS: Darman's shotgun and primary implement of destruction, it has a forgrip, breaching tip, and silencer, as well as custom sights, a bayonet, and improvments to the action.

Darman with his shotgun