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Faith Miner
Biographical information
Birth dateMay 17th, 2537
Death dateN/A
Physical description
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
CyberneticsNeural Interface
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC Army
SpecialtySquad Leader

Faith Miner is the daughter of Jake Miner. She admires her father for his courage and military service, and decided to follow in his footsteps. She joined the Army at age 16. During her time in the Army, she showed many acts of valor.


It is unknown where Faith was born. As a child, she didn't see her father much, due to his military service. However, he still raised his children to be kind, polite people. When Faith was 10, her mother died. After this, she began to act as a sort of motherly figure to her sister Andrea when her father was not around. In 2556, when she discovered that her younger sister wanted to join the army when she was 16, she met it with frustration and distress. She tried her hardest to convince Andrea not to enlist, but in the end could not stop her.

Military CareerEdit

During her military career, she was very successful. During and after 2556, she commanded Echo Team. In 2557, Dani and Maya Wakefield, along with Andrea were put into Echo Team after training.