Biography Edit

Jack was born as Jack Wilson on Planet Harvest and went through Marine training and volunteered for the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Since a young boy, he's been training to be a Spartan, but when he heard of the ODSTs, he had to volunteer. When he was in school, he fell in love with a classmate by the name of Susan Jacobs. When he became an ODST, one of his squadmates was her brother, John Jacobs, and he didn't like Jack. When Jack heard of Harvest's fall, he was angry at the Covenant and the UNSC for not allowing his battalion to join the fight. He was also sad because he thought his girlfriend was killed in the initial assault, when he later found out that she survived and volunteered for the ODSTs, and, that upon completing training, she was assigned to his squad.


Allen on Planet Reach armed with an Assault Rifle.

Weapons Edit

He usually carries the weapons any ordinary ODST carries: A silenced M7S Caseless Submachine Gun and an M7 silenced M6C/SOCOM. Some times he uses a Battle Rifle and other times he uses an Assault Rifle, but he mainly uses the silenced M7S Caseless Submachine Gun and the M6C/SOCOM. Only once has he used a sniper rifle, but that was on a reconnaissance mission on Reach.

Dat marine

Jack as a Marine in training before becoming an ODST


Jack armed with his sniper during a reconnaissance mission on Planet Reach

Supposed Death Edit

One a mission on Reach, his team was ordered to assassinate a Prophet, but sadly they were discovered and only him, his radio operator, Susan, and his recon man were the only survivors of his 15-man op. Since only four survivors were left, and all their radio communications were down, they were presumed KIA, but were originally MIA before losing contact. The whereabouts of Lieutenant Wilson, Sergeant Jacobs, Private Killian, and Corporal Duncan are unknown.

ODST Crest

Jack's emblem, just like the all other ODSTs' emblem.