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Jacob Miner
Biographical information
Birth date2515
Death dateN/A
Physical description
Hair colorRed
Eye colorGrey
CyberneticsRobotic legs up to the knees
Affiliation and military information
BranchUNSC Army
RankLieutenant Colonel
  • M6H Magnum
  • SRS99 Sniper Weapons System

Jacob Miner (nicknamed J-Mi) is an officer in the UNSC Army. He joined in 2533, and went to Officer Candidate School. During his training, he was in Avstand Squad (Avstand meaning "distance"). Although allowed to stay out of the battle due to being an officer, he always goes into the fray with his men. This earned him the respect of many under his command.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Although an officer, soldiers do not believe he fights on the field with his men for awards, as he does not. Most, if not all, troopers in his detachment respect him due to his courage and fighting skills. Jake has a good sense of humor, and respects all branches of the military, along with having good marksmanship skills.


Born on Earth, in upstate New York, ten years before the Human-Covenant War began, Jacob learned to shoot as a child. After joining the Army, he went to Officer Candidate School, and was instructed by Emma Price. He is the father of two daughters, one of which was born in 2537 and named Faith, and another born in 2541 and named Andrea. It should be noted that his wife passed away in 2547. His daughters reside on the UNSC Winter Winds. During his career, he has been offered to be made an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper and be transferred to the Marine Corps, but has declined. He was also expected to volunteer for the SPARTAN-IV Program, but declined so that he could be with his family more. He fought in the final battle against the Insurrectionists and Covenant in 2567, and the next year, he retired at age 53.

Fall of ReachEdit

During the Fall of Reach, he escorted ONI Agent Samantha Brownings to a Pelican extracting a group of civilians to the Winter Winds.