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"I never agreed to have my ship turned into an insect exhibit. And I'm more than capable of telling your superiors that you fell victim to your little pet bugs. Now I suggest you get the hell off my ship and take your damn bugs with you."
—Monroe to an ONI spook when they allowed highly-lethal insects to be released into one of the hangar bays of the UNSC Winter Winds
Jason Monroe
Biographical information
Birth date2518
Death dateN/A
Physical description
Hair colorLight Brown
Eye colorBlue
CyberneticsCommand Neural Interface
Affiliation and military information
BranchUNSC Navy
  • M6H Magnum
VehiclesUNSC Winter Winds

Jason Monroe is the captain of the UNSC Winter Winds. He has fought in many campaigns against the Covenant, and has seen many ships go down in battle.