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"You shouldn't get in fights with anyone over it, Alex. A man like Sean Thompson isn't worth anything."
—Kara to her child, Alex
Kara Aldaine
Biographical information
Homeworld Gratia, Trial
Birth dateNovember 6, 2568
Death dateN/A
Physical description
Hair colorRed
Eye colorBrown

Kara Aldaine (Kara Thompson after marriage, but later back to Aldaine) is the civilian daughter of Scarlet-S151 and Jack-S153. She inherited her parents' special physical properties, except for their height. She was named after Kara-B054. She has a twin brother, Damon, and was born after him.



Sometimes at home she has sibling conflicts with Damon. She has sometimes not allowed him to play video games with her, or embarrassed him in front of a girl he likes. She wishes that she can somehow grow taller than him.

At age 14, Kara was kidnapped by a man while on her way to her friend's house. The man attempted to ransom the Spartans 4 million credits in exchange for Kara. However, Damien, Jack, and Scarlet found her and killed the kidnapper. They then brought Kara home.

Upon arriving at home, Kara found out that Lindsay's family had been killed in a traffic collision. She slightly comforted Lindsay, feeling bad for her loss. Years later, at a Senior High School dance, she spent most of her time with a boy named Sean Thompson and became his girlfriend.

Kara attended college with Lindsay, Damon and Sean. With Lindsay, she participated in many class-on-class, sometimes school-on-school sports, just like she used to in middle school and high school.


At age 21, Kara married Sean Thompson. At age 22, she became pregnant with a baby girl. Surprised but happy all the same, Kara told Lindsay, Damon, and the rest of her family. Nine months later she gave birth to the baby, and named her Alex.

However, a month later, Sean left the house and took all of the credits with him, as well as any semiprecious riches. Kara, with no money temporarily (her family had credits to spare) and a baby to look after by herself now, changed her last name back to Aldaine.


Kara vowed to be the best mother she could be to Alex, partly out of love, partly since Sean had left. She quickly got over Sean, knowing that a man like him wasn't worth missing. Sometimes, Scarlet noted that it broke her heart to see Kara having to care for Alex by herself.

Over the years, Kara raised Alex just as she'd hoped. Alex had excellent grades in school and was always nice. However, she noticed that Alex had gotten in a few fistfights with other students. When she talked to Alex about it, Alex admitted that she was being teased about having no father.

Kara embraced Alex, reminding that it wasn't worth it to get in a fight with somebody else over Sean. Alex listened to her and stopped fighting.