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Biographical information
Service number

LGN 0982-9

Began service


Physical description

Male programming


Appears as a grim reaper

Normal color

Black and dark grey

Political information and functions


Primary function

Providing support for Squad 596


Legion is an advanced version of a smart Artificial Intelligence construct who takes on the appearance of a grim reaper, created by Cameron Frazier.  He served Damien-A263, for whom he found strategic points on a battlefield, worked to keep his shields up, and quickened his reaction time. After 2567, he has worked as the AI of a small Spartan settlement on Trial.

Creation and TraitsEdit

In 2536, the Office of Naval Intelligence took a chance to test something they had been working on. They added a small bit of Forerunner technology to Felicity's construct, which prevented her from thinking herself to death. The only known way for her to shut down is to have her fail-safe triggered.

ONI, recognizing their success, carefully used small amounts of Forerunner tech on a select amount of AI's, one of which being Legion. Known AI's of the class aside from Legion and Felicity are Athena, Hades, Artemis, and Hera. Legion was created specially for Damien-A263 to help with his offensive capabililities, but in 2552, when the Spartans were given shielded armor, Legion began to manage Damien's shields as well.

After the WarEdit

After the Covenant and Insurrectionists were dealt a crushing blow in 2567, Legion was stationed in the small settlement that Squad 596, Commando Dispatch 46, and a few other Spartans made. While managing this settlement, he often got extremely bored due to only having to keep the power on and keep security measures running.