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Linda Miku
Biographical information
Spartan Tag Linda-A179
Death dateDecember 11, 2552, Installation 00.
Physical description
Hair colorPink.
Eye colorGreen.
CyberneticsLeft hand. (not easy to notice)
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC Navy.
RankLieutenant Commander
SpecialtyBeing a badass. (not that it is a specilty)
BattlesWith Team Romeo Juilet

■Fall of Reach

As a Lone Wolf

■Battle of Earth

■Battle of Installation 00

"If you need me, don't ask me to help you kiddo. I'll know when you need me."
—Linda-A179 to Alice-A288 before Operation: High Risk.

Linda-A179 born Linda Miku was part of Team Romeo/Juliet her call sign was Juliet-8.


"Linda is a great girl and one hell of a killer. I'm just glad she's on our side."
—Robert-A037 about Linda-A179, Reach 2552.

Linda looked cute and harmless but she wasn't harmless, she also is the second feared member of the team to scare Romeo-1 the first is Romeo-7.

Her left handEdit

"I should have been more careful, it's mostly because of me she's dead."
—Linda-A179 over Old Juilet-6's death, as Linda was the one carrying the bomb.

Linda lost the use of her left hand when a Hunter she killed the Hunter which fell on her and crushed her left hand. The main reason she took the Hunters on to help Alice or kiddo

Being a threat to the team then the CovenantEdit

"Stop holding me back Robert! I can handle this alone!"
—Linda-A179 to Robert-A037

At times Linda acted like a treat to the team, she can't help it, but she likes to do things her own way then how Romeo-1 tells her, Linda always thought Romeo was holding her back in reality he wasn't, he just didn't want Linda to put her life in huge danger.


"Thus is Linda-179, need some help. Brutes have me pinned."
—Linda-179's last COMM before her death. December 11, 2552, Installation 00.

Linda was killed during the battle of Installation 00, she had no clue Robert was alive and Robert had no clue she was alive, she was clearing a place for a LZ for a flight of Pelicans but as she was nearly done a Scarab came with five Brute Kill Teams. Linda killed a two of the Kill Teams but was forced to take cover in a Forerunner building where she killed two more Kill Teams and almost finished the last but failed to kill the Brute Cheiften with a Gravity Hammer which used active camo and slamed his Gravity Hammer into the back of her helmet killing her straight away.

Robert arrived ten minutes after her death, he also killed the last Brute with one of Linda's SMGs who tried to hit Robert with his Gravity Hammer from behind, though he knew she wouldn't want him to cry over her death Robert soldiered on.