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"Thank you..."
—Maverick moments before his death
Biographical information
Spartan Tag 082
Birth dateMay 8th, 2511
Death date2557
Physical description
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlue
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC Navy

Lieutenant Maverick-082 was a SPARTAN-II commando born in 2511.


In training, he was put on Team 15 with Rachel-053 and another female Spartan named Divinity-105. He grew to love Divinity. In 2527, two years after Rachel had been shipped out to ONI, Divinity and Maverick were sent out on an operation together to a small outpost on a Covenant moon. However, the forces there were underestimated, and the two Spartans were ambushed. Three dozen Sangheili warriors attacked, but the Spartans fought most of them off. Sadly, Divinity was stabbed through the stomach with an energy sword near the end of the fight. Maverick killed the remaining Elites, and then rushed over to the other Spartan. In Divinity's final few moments, he held and comforted her. After this, Maverick called for a medevac. He quickly became a quiet shadow of his former self. He has long hoped to be killed in battle.


In 2557, he fought on Requiem. During a skirmish against multiple Promethean Knights, he was shot in the chest and twice in the back. He collapsed onto his back, dying and bleeding, and looked up at the Promethean Knights. In his final moments, he whispered "Thank you" and then died. When his helmet was taken off of his corpse, despite his bloody and bruised face, he looked peaceful.


SPARTAN-IIs - Good friends with them all, due to years of serving with them, and growing up with them.

Rachel-053 - The two were good friends. They made up Team 15 with Divinity in training. They do not see each other due to Rachel being taken away from the SPARTAN-IIs by ONI after augmentations.

Divinity-105 - Very close to her; developed a romantic relationship with her before her death.

Damien-A263 - The two have met each other, and fought side-by-side on a few occasions. Damien was one of the Spartans sent to retrieve Maverick's corpse.