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Biographical information
Spartan Tag S169
Birth dateFebruary, 2546
Death dateMarch, 2560
Physical description
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
CyberneticsSpartan Neural Interface
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC Navy
RankPetty Officer Second Class
ClassGLADIATOR, Wind Company

Michael-S169, or Mike, was a member of the GLADIATOR Project. He was a friend of Jack and Scarlet's. Normally he would be deployed by himself, but sometimes he helped other Spartans push back Covenant forces or assist Marines.


Michael was part of a rich family in his early life, but at age 6, in early 2552, he was kidnapped by ONI operatives and forced into the GLADIATOR Project. He was noted by some officers to be a "lone wolf".



Mike, having already been active as a child, had a small advantage during training. He rarely complained about anything, which was noted odd by some trainers due to the fact that he'd come from a rich family. Mike soon befriended Jack and Scarlet during training.


Before his Trial, Mike was attracted to one of the girls in the program, Tessa. They became close friends, and they liked each other. However, when Mike walked into the Trials, he was facing Tessa. At first, he stood there, silently refusing to fight her.

However, Tessa wanted Mike to live and not her. She attacked Mike roughly, which made Mike instinctively fight back. He accidentally rammed her head into the wall fatally. As Tessa died, Mike knelt down next to her and held her hand. He also closed her eyes before he had to leave.

After TrainingEdit

After his training, Mike was somewhat silent. At one point he accidentally dented a wall on the Winter Winds, causing water from the pipes he hit to spill out. Both he and Scarlet-S151 were soaked.

Later, Mike was deployed mostly by himself. He was successful in many ground battles against the Covenant and Insurrection. However, in 2560, he was deployed with Scarlet and Jack in a search-and-rescue mission to find Julia-B184, who had gone missing four days earlier.


Mike was talking to Jack and Scarlet about their position in the war when he noticed a jackal sniper. He looked at it for a second, realized what it was, and shoved Scarlet out of the way as a three-foot-long needle went right through his head.

Scarlet grabbed both of his dog tags, knowing that the Covenant would glass the area, which later incinerated his body and armor, leaving no remains.