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Mike Linken.
Biographical information
Spartan Tag Mike-A287.
Death dateAugust 29, 2552. Reach.
Physical description
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC Navy.
RankPetty Officer 1st Class
SpecialtyHeavy Surport. (heavy weapons.)
Battles■Fall of Reach.
ClassTrained to be in Alpha Company but ended up in the Special Ops group Team Romeo Juliet.
"All Mike wants to do is kill Covenant. I have a feeling he'll never live thougth the war."
—A training Officer on what he thinks about Mike-A287.

Mike-A287 born Mike Linker was part of Team Romeo/Juliet a close friend of Robert-A037. He wore heavy armor and carried spare ammo and heavy weapons. He was Team Romeo Juliets Heavy Support. He also feared the number '16'. his call sign was Romeo-9.


Mike was a strong Spartan as a result he wore heavy armor it gave high protection but slowed running time.


"Mike? Holly cow your armor is strong you sure your not a Spartan-II?"
—Linda-179 to Mike-A287 after still standing after a hit from a Hunters Fuel Rod gun.

Mike has armor that was made for strength and it shows it was made for strength.