Funny Pictures Halo Coffee Break This article is fanon and not part of the Halo universe. The author of this fanon is RavenRT.
Biographical information
Spartan Tag A123
Birth dateJune 16th, 2522
Death dateOctober 20th, 2552 (aged 30)
Physical description
Height(In armor) 81.3 in
Hair colorWhite
Eye colorGold
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC Army


Odd-A123 was a member of Squad 596 until his death on October 20th, 2552. He met his end in New Mombasa when the team's Falcons fell from the sky due to a shockwave. Damien-A263 had lost his right arm in the crash, and they needed to get him to safety. Odd decided he would stay behind and distract the Covenant forces closing in on the wreckage so that the rest of the team could get their leader medical attention. He fought off Covenant forces  for forty-five minutes until he ran out of ammunition. Odd faced his death without fear to save his heavily wounded teammate, and thus received the Colonial Cross. Damien felt horrible guilt for Odd's death, and never forgave himself for letting Odd stay behind instead of himself.