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"The last hope for freedom" - outcasts motto

Outcast is a group of humans and elites that did not agree with the unsc or the new arbiters goverment and decied to become guns for hire and revaltionarys each outcast member has two things in comen they do not support the unsc or the new arbiters goverment secend they were once out casts from there race they do any kind of job aslong as it helps there goal of takeing down the corrupted goverments or it pays good there jobs rang from killing a leader to babysiting there is also a elite group in there organaiztion called the Avengers only the best can join it and only the best of the best live one of the best known teamis called alpha its members are Lucy a ex spartan 3 peterson a ex marine a elite nicked name ghost for his abilty to get in to places he is not wanted at and there leader a elite named Rora who want to kill the arbiters new goverment the founder of outcast is Ripa 'Chavam the current leader wareabouts or name is unknown due to the leader being worryed of being killed my his foes he has not told anyone no one knows who the leader is but a few high ranking members.