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Phil during the battle of reach

Phil jenkins
Biographical information
Spartan Tag none
Birth date2525
Death dateN/A
Physical description
Height6 foot 1
Hair colorbrown
Eye colorblue
Affiliation and military information
Affiliationfirst: unsc

now: outcast

Ranklance corporal
SpecialtyRifle man
Battlesreach voi and may others

early lifeEdit

lance corporal Phil jenkins was born in june 14 2525 in reach his family was middle class and his grades were normal in school he also had a veary active socal life and was athltic he also liked to make friends with any one he meet he was liked by all his peers to

First years in the unscEdit

he joined the core in 2545 at the age of 20 years old he oringaly wanted to be a odst but he did not make the cut so he decided to be a reglar unsc marine he had a great score in boot camp and went from a pfc to a lance corpral he was sent to reach to guard a base from rebles when the covies found out were reach was he was sent back to his home town new alexandrea to evac civvies after that he was evaced off planit and sent back to earth were he was stationed in new mambasa


When the covies found earth he and some marines were sent to evac some oni peronel at oni alpha site but him and his squad never made it his squad was ambushed by brutes and killed him and 4 other marines abaned the op due to them not haveing saffecent man power to push to alpha site they got out of the city via a troop transport hog after that he was sent to crows nest with his remaining squad members

Down fallEdit

break outEdit

time in outcastEdit