Royal Team was a team of SPARTAN III Commandos consisting of SPARTAN S-230, S-219, S-264, S-185, A-030, and A-031. The team was mainly active on Planet Reach during the Fall or Battle of Reach. The Team's Commander, A-030, or Mason, was the team's and UNSC's longest serving SPARTAN to date. As NOBLE Team was sent on a mission to Visegrad Relay, ROYAL Team was assigned to check on an outpost that went dark just 2 hours after Visegrad did. When ROYAL went to investigate, they found that the Covenant were responsible for the blackout just as NOBLE discovered that the Covenant were also responsible for the blackout at Visegrad. NOBLE Team contacted Colonel Holland and ordered Winter Contingency.

Noble Six--article image

Spartan A-030 before the mission to the outpost

Spartan Alice-288

Spartan A-031 in the outpost


S-185's armor


S-264's armor


S-219's armor


S-230's armor

Battle of Reach Edit

Royal Team was part of Battle of Reach and fought in several key battles, such as destroying a Covenant battlecruiser, in which SPARTAN S-185 gave his life, and New Alexandria where S-230 died from a sniper round. At the retaking of ONI Kilo Base, the four remaining Spartans separated. S-219 went with Doctor Jacobs and the other three went to the UNSC Wrestling Vengeance to deliver an A.I. by the name of Luke made straight from Doctor Jacobs. As they got near the ship, the Pelican that was carrying them was shot and damaged, where everyone had to bail out. Spartan S-264 chose to stay behind and fly the Pelican, where it left only Spartan A-030 and female Spartan A-031, who had, by now, become boyfriend and girlfriend. As they made it close to Wrestling Vengeance, S-264 flew the Pelican into a Scarab blocking A-030 and A-031's path to the ship, killing S-264. As they got to the ship, A-031 was killed while A-030 and her were holding back the Covenant. As Captain Lucas' Pelican landed and A-030 handed Luke over to him, A-030 spotted a Mass Driver Cannon and manned it, seeing a dead Spartan and 2 dead Zealots next to it, after killing about 4 Zealots and a Field Marshall. As he manned it and destroyed a battlecruiser, Wrestling Vengeance took off and left A-030 behind, who by the way, chose to stay behind.

There'll be another day... Edit

On August 30th, 2552, Spartan A-030 was the last Spartan on the planet. He fought till his last breath, but in the end, was killed. His first enemy on Reach, was his last enemy on Reach: A Zealot. He died hoping that it wasn't in vain and that Humanity will win the war.