Scene 1 Part 1

ONI Officer William- Any movement around reach?

ONI Employee Smith- No, Sir no activity aaround Reach's orbit.

ONI Officer William- Good...Tell the Marine Officers that want one platoon at reach within 2 days.

ONI Employee smith- Yes sir *turns on COMS* General

General *COM*- Yes, who is this

ONI Employee Smith- i am part of ONI that is all you will know. But you have orders to send a platoon of marines to the ambandond planet REACH.

General *COM*- Sir with all do respect theres nothing there. Its just ash and(Interupted).

ONI Employee Smith- That is an order now follow it

General *COM*- UGH! Yes sir

ONI Empoyee Smith- Its done sir

ONI Officer William- Good...Good

Scene 2 Part 1

Jason- Hahahaha another full house.

Paul- Damn sir how do you get so lucky at this

Jason- Its a secret that i will never tell

INTERCOM- Attention all Marines report to the briefing room on the first floor i repeat report to the briefing room on the first floor.

Stephine- Hey guys let go. You heard the Intercom.

Jason- On it.

(Arriving at the breifing room)

John- Alright everyone take a seat.

(Everyone takes a seat)

John- Ok. Today we will talk about your new mision given by ONI. ONI has recently ordered us to go back to the planet reach to recover missing data that we had forgot since the Fall of Reach.

Paul- Do we know where the data is located sir?

John- ONI might have a hunch on were it is but we dont know if the ONI building on sword base is not there anymore,but if so the building is there that will be our first hit.

Jason- Will we encounter any hostiles General?

John- ONI thinks its safe enough but i dont think its really safe, so keep your weapons ready.

Mike- When will we be depoyed.

John- Now......

Scene 3 Part 1

INTERCOM- Attention all Marines. Begin to board the UNSC Savannah