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Rex Axen
Biographical information
Spartan Tag Rex-A048.
Death dateStill active.
Physical description
Hair colorBlack.
Eye colorGreen.
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC Navy.
RankWarrant Officer.
Battles■Fall of Reach

■Unknown after the Fall of Reach.


Rex-A048 born Rex Axen is a Spartan III and is part of Team Romeo/Juliet, his part in the team is the team sniper, his call sign was Romeo-3.


"He rarely shuts up unless you threaten to kick him in the balls or cut them off, works everytime. Trust me it does."
—Linda-A179 to new Juilet-6, Reach 2552.

Rex-A048 is a Spartan with a lot of annolying catch phrases, even though the team find some of them funny he sometimes says one at a time when they aren't needed. Dispate that he can be quiet when he wants to be or when Linda-A179 threatens to kick or cut off his balls. He is also called "Pervert first class" as a nickname rank.

Combat styleEdit

"My god Rex, you trying to die? Because if you are I can do that for you."
—Robert-A037 to Rex-A048 after having to save Rex from a Elite.

Being a sniper Rex stays at the rear of the team giving sniper surport but he is not the best at no scoping enemies even at close range, he carries a M6G-Magnum as a sidearm which he rarely fired. His skills with the SRS99 are okay but not as good at close range.