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Biographical information
Spartan Tag A072
Physical description
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Affiliation and military information
SpecialtyFlexible, Mission-Dependent
"There's a lot more of us than anyone will admit left."
—Ron answering why he was removed from the suicide mission.

Ron-A072 is a Spartan-III in service to the UNSCDF. Ron, unlike many other Spartans, has no specific speciality, and is described as "doing everything like a Spartan" meaning that although he doesn't stand out from other Spartans, he is much more capable than regular troops.


Ron was abducted at a slightly older age than most Spartans, but already had many desired physical traits for the project. As a result, he underwent a slightly smaller amount of procedures and operations (the specific number of which remaining classified). Possibly due to this, he had a significantly easier time adjusting mentally, and was rated as being unusually likely to be able to be re-integrated into society. This is probably also why Ron was withdrawn from Alpha, though Ron states that the number withdrawn is a lot higher than what's believed.

Being able to perform a wide variety of tasks without having many weaknesses, Ron found himself in more missions by himself than as part of a team, in many of which he posed as a Spartan-II to the public. During one mission where he found himself working with several Spartan-II's he was described as the following:

"You couldn't tell he wasn't a Spartan-II by watching him on the field. He didn't have any astounding specialties, but he performed as you'd expect a Spartan to. But if you talked to him, you'd know something wasn't right. And by not right, I mean he was too right. He actually had his own mind... I don't really know what's up with that, but I'm sure it's a rather interesting file for ONI."
—unknown naval commander overseeing a Spartan operation.


Due to his well-rounded nature, Ron doesn't have many significant abilities compared to other Spartans. He is quite capable of operating alone, but works fine in a team, his only "weakness" in that regard being a smaller emotional bond to other members than his teammates. Ron is less indoctrinated than most Spartans and fights the Covenant due to his own rational desire to defend humanity. Though the specifics of this are unknown, it has gained ONI's attention. One of Ron's strengths would be his adaptability, not only being trained and experienced in virtually all known weapons, vehicles, etc., but being able to quickly learn and analyze in new scenarios.

Ron defaults upon the Battle Rifle in general for many missions, but has no reservations for picking more applicable weapons in specific situations. When working a larger operation with teammates, he usually does not get assigned specialty roles due to not specialists usually being present. As a result, he usually finds himself in a more generic support role, however if a specialist is either unavailable for a mission, or if a specialist is lost during a mission, he is generally a good replacement due to not having any weaknesses that many other Spartans with specific strengths tend to have.

Despite being willing to use them, Ron has a dislike for the Assault Rifle and Flamethrower. He describes the Assault Rifle as being more focused on mass production than results. He is also dumbfounded by the Flamethrower's lack of range, expecting it to have a much longer range.