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Sanders working with a elite to take down a unsc base

early lifeEdit

sophie sanders was bron july 7 2529 she and her family lived on reach witch at the time was porspering her and her family were farmers on reach her family belived in honnor and loyalty and toguht sophie the be kind honnorful and respectful she also had a boy friend who was drafted by the unsc and sent to fight the elites he went mia and sophie often blamed the unsc for his death

fall of reachEdit

When the elites invaided reach she was 22 years old still at the family farm she had went out to tend to the chickens when she reuturned to her house there was nothing left her whole family was killed by a lone elite zelaot the elite zealot saw her and said " ha a other nave not worth to live i wont even use my sword this time ill kill you with my bear hands!" then the elite charged her and they went at it punching swinging kicking eventuly she pucnhed the elite to the noise and pushed him to the floor she grabed his energy sword and finsihed him off just as she did a elite came out of the shaows and knocked her out takeing her away to corveete


She was trown into the cell alone the only human on the ship the elites treated her poorly barly feeding her and often bating her eventuly she heard talk of the "great journy " and asked about it. the elites told her that once the halo rings have been fired all who belive in the graet journy shall walk the path as days turned itno mouths she learned more about it and actualy belived in it the ship master saw this and saw she whould be a useful pawn in his plains he offerd her a deal if she could help the elites find there way to earth some how then she will be premited to talk the path she agreed and was freed and given odst armor a br and a energy sword wepons and trained to fight

first actionEdit

The elites boarding a unsc ship and sent her to the bridge to stop them from delteting the nav deta when she got to the bridge it wa sligtly guarded only the captain 2 marines and 8 un armed techs were there the captain asked her why she was her and not defend other places she reponed by killing the 2 marines with her br and chokeing the captain to death she then went on a killing spree witht the sword and killed all the techs to her sadness the nav deta was gone she reported this to the ship master picked up and taken back and watched the unsc ship burn as the unsc ship self destructed

The raid on the unsc londonEdit