Early Life Edit


Major David Ellis (Spartan 115) was born on the solitary planet, Earth where he showed rapidly developing abilities of which would be required in battle and when all is lost. This caught the eye of the UNSC, guiding them to eventually extracting the boy from his home and replacing his body with a slowly decomposing clone.

His life in the UNSC SPARTAN II course was a perfect match for his character, quiet when noise wasn't necessary and a pack player as well as a seasoned lone wolf. However his violent past full of young fights and abuse had been unveiled when during training, a hit connected with him with enough force to send 115 into a rage and this ended in both instructors and trainees being temporarily disable to train and develop.

Later on in his training Spartan 115 showed immense amounts of physical and mental strength which posed him as team leader and promoted him to captain. However during a brief encounter with a covenant cruiser, 115 was forced to jump from a pelican and float toward the crusier. He succesfully took control of the cruiser and set its drive core to overdrive, causing a cataclysmic astronomical implosion which acted as a valuable distraction for the young now 15 year old spartan to escape.

Fall Of Reach And Begin Of Human And Covenant War Edit

At the start of the covenant war, 115 was located with team 0 aboard a cargo ship.

As 117 and the blue team tangled with a covenant cruiser, 115 and his team made their way to reach where they where separated and forced to take shelter. It was here where 115 met Yoko 105, together they both escape the planet and meet with team 0.

Spartan 115, has had a massive impact on the war as he is infamously known for pushing both himself and his companions toward any length to achieve the goal, leaving no live man behind. His brutal rage toward war and the impact he had as a lone force against the covenant gave him a famous nickname, Core 115. This was due to his ability to run his team as if they where apart of the same body, and he was the 'core'.

Post war toward current day Edit

After the more heated days of the war, Core 115 had arrived at evac to find he was the only living member of team 0 at which point he returned to infinity and suddenly disappeared.

As the rogue AI, cortana began taking over the guardians around the system.

Master chief 117 ran with agent Locke to meet with the arbiter and Halsey. At this point in time 115 has been located within close if not direct proximity of the 'rogue' spartan petty officer.