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Thomas Maw
Biographical information
Spartan Tag Tom-G290
Death dateStill active.
Physical description
Hair colorBlack.
Eye colorBrown.
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC Navy.
SpecialtyHand to hand combat.
"Need a hand mate? Us Spartans should stay together. "
—Tom-G290 to Robert-A037, Earth.

Tom-G290, born Thomas Maw, is a Spartan III of Gamma Comapany. He was nicknamed "Gamma Boy" by Robert-A037.


Tom has a habit of trying to pick up women, which always fails. He never gives up when he gets rejected. He has been rejected over 30 times.


Tom has an odd armor set as it is that of an ODST.

  • UA/CNM ODST helmet.
  • ODST shoulder pads on both shoulders.
  • UA/ODST chest piece.
  • GUNGNIR knee guards.
  • NxRA utility.
  • Blue Visor.

Fighting styleEdit

Tom-G290 has an odd fighting style and it tends to be throw a frag and a plasma grenade and jump in seconds before they go off sometimes getting hit in the blast. He then draws his energy sword and goes to work.


Tom likes the song I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin, which strangely suits his fighting style a lot as even when he is pushed down he will not bow.


"I'm the god of swords fear me you Covie SOBs!"
—Tom-G290 when he has a Energy Sword.

Tom-G290 is an ace in hand-to-hand combat and is most deadly when he has his hand on a Covenant energy sword. He's not a Spartan who likes guns, but will use one if he has to.

His thoughts on A.I.sEdit

From what Robert has told Tom about A.I.s, he don't want one as he thinks they won't give him a minute alone and bug him all day and all night, but Robert was messing with him a bit, although he doesn't know that.

Love for a challengeEdit

"Oh goodie, a challenge."
—Tom-G290 before taking on a challenge.

Tom-G290 loves challenges. He gets cocky when he encounters a challenge and it's best somebody is watching his back when he's in a sword fight, as he forgets to check his motion tracker. This  does mean he gets hit from behind a lot. Robert does get worried about him due to this.