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Team Romeo/Juliet
CountryUnified Earth Government.
AllegianceUnited Nations Space Command.
BranchJoint operations unit
TypeSpecial Operations. (Risk level 5 or higher to get their attention. Before WINTER CONTINGENCY)
SizeTen Spartan IIIs.
NicknameRomeo & Juliet.
MottoIf it's has a risk level over 5 mission count it as done. If not give it to a differnant team.

Emblem: Silver Delta Wing, Gold top Delta and Cyan bottom Delta.

EquipmentMark V MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.
Battles(as a full team)

■Fall of Reach.

After that tons of battles frought by Robert-A037 and Linda-A179.

CommandersRobert-A037 (Romeo-1)
"The're all gone it was all my fault. Forgive me!"
—Robert-A037 when was asked what happened what happened to Team Romeo/Juliet.

Team Romeo/Juliet was a team of ten SPARTAN-IIIs. What made this team different was their callsigns; males had Romeo as their callsign and females had Juliet as their callsign. After the Fall of Reach, seven members of Team Romeo/Juliet had died.

Members of Team Romeo/JulietEdit

  1. Robert-A037 (Romeo 1) - Missing In Action. Last heard from on November 23, 2552. Helmet found badly damaged; presumed dead.
  2. Alice-A288 (Juliet 2) - KIA, listed as MIA. Focus Rifle shot. D.O.D. August 23, 2552.
  3. Rex-A048 (Romeo 3) - MIA. unknown where he is.
  4. Denter-A044 (Juliet 4) - KIA, listed as MIA. Killed by Zealot. D.O.D. August 30, 2552.
  5. Romeo 5 - KIA, listed as MIA. Destroyed Scarab, though he died when it went down. D.O.D. August 23, 2552.
  6. Juliet 6 - KIA, listed as MIA. Killed by Plasma grenade's blast. D.O.D. August 30, 2552.
  7. Old Juilet 6 - KIA, listed as MIA. Went out taking a Covenant Corevett with her.
  8. Romeo 7 - KIA, listed as MIA. Killed by energy sword; died holding Juilet 6s hand. D.O.D. August 30, 2552.
  9. Linda-A179 (Juliet 8) - KIA, listed MIA. Killed by Brute kill squad during the Battle of Installation 00. D.O.D. Decmember 11, 2552.
  10. Mike-A287 (Romeo 9) - KIA, listed as MIA. Shot in the back mutiple times, died before he could activate Spider Turret. D.O.D. August 29, 2552.
  11. Juliet 10 - KIA, listed as MIA. Destroyed Spirt dropship and saw its passengers burn before she died. D.O.D. August 23, 2552.

After ReachEdit

After the Fall of Reach, Team Romeo/Juliet was disbanded. Robert-A037 later said "Ten went in, only one came home." Robert had no clue Linda-A179 was still alive.