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UNSC Brooklyn Rage


Marathon-class heavy cruiser


1,192 metres (3,910 ft)


293 metres (960 ft)


2 Magnetic Accelerator Cannons

Oversized Archer missile pods (60 missiles each)

50 mm Point-defense guns

5 Fusion rockets

UNSC Brooklyn Rage is a Marathon-class Heavy Cruiser and is part of the UNSC Navy. Her captain Millar Caesar is from Brooklyn, New York and he wants to make sure the Covenant gets a taste of rage from Brooklyn, the ship was never in a fleet.

415px-UNSC Nautilus

UNSC Brooklyn Rage before she was attacked by a Covenant battle fleet.

Battle recordEdit

"This is UNSC Brooklyn Rage to anybody hearing us. We're under attack."
—Captain Millar Caesar during her first battle with the Covenant.

UNSC Brooklyn Rage has a good combat record, shortly after she went on her first misson she came under attack by five Covenant Cruisers but then she became heavly outnumbered by one to twenty. Brooklyn Rage destroyed four Covenant Cruisers and damaged two others before her MAC guns where silenced by well aimed Plasma Torpedos.

After her baptism of fire she was in dry dock for repairs but she had to leave before she was fully repaired and only one MAC was in working order the other if fired would rip the ship apart, but most of the time she had something wrong with her, at times her missiles wouldn't launch or some of her 50mm Point defence guns failed to fire, the list goes on and on.

Role in the Fall of ReachEdit

"My god...... Their glassing her, Reach is doomed. Right... Get us outta here I'm not risking my ship for a doomed planet."
—UNSC Brooklyn Rage's captain Miller Caesar after taking a look at Reach being glassed.

UNSC Brooklyn Rage didn't take much part in the Fall of Reach but destroyed three Corvetts and one Cruiser before seeing Reach being glassed, Millar Caesar knew Reach was now doomed and ordered his ship to leave not wanting to risk his Marathon-class Heavy Cruiser over a doomed planet. But in a bid to buy Reach a bit of time said on Open COMMs "UNSC Brooklyn Rage, we are leaving with six high important goods." The Covenant sent a large amount of ships to destroy the Rage but only managed to do heavy damage. Brooklyn Rage's bluff worked but the ship was in a very bad shape. She had to jump twice the second one was after getting rid of the Covenant ships, Millar Caesar was glad he knew where to he could ambush the Covenant.

Lost contactEdit

"Millar Caesar? Brooklyn Rage respond...... I repeat Brooklyn Rage respond, this is no time for jokes."
—A unknown UNSC ship commander to Millar Ceasar the day Brooklyn Rage stopped reponding.

The UNSC lost contact with the Brooklyn Rage two weeks after the Human-Covenant war ended, the ship was put down as MIA.


Millar Caesar got Brooklyn Rage though many battles.

  1. Her baptism of fire.
  2. Fall of Reach.
  3. Battle of Earth.