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UNSC Enterprise
Production information
Class Enterprise-class supercarrier
Designation numberCVA-65
Technical specifications
Length4,184 meters
Width1,150 meters
Height950 meters
Engine unit(s)Main drives
  • Main drives (8)

Smaller drives

  • Auxiliary drives (4)
  • Tertiary drives (10)
Power plantDeuterium nuclear fusion reactors
Slipspace driveShaw-Fujikawa Translight Drive
Hull8 meters Titanium-A Battleplate
  • Magnetic Accelerator Cannons (1)
  • Megdeth-class Mass Drivers (6)
  • Archer Missile Pods (512) 30 missiles/pod
  • Shiva-class Nuclear Missiles (3)
  • Malebolge-class Warheads (2)


  • 50mm Point Defense Guns (82)
  • UNSC North Carolina
  • UNSC South Carolina
ShieldsNone until 2553
AffiliationUNSC Navy
Fleet/Battle groupUNSC Carrier Strike Group Kitty Hawk (flagship)
Laid down2536
LaunchedSeptember 10, 2538
CommissionedFebruary 6, 2539
BattlesHuman-Covenant war
  • Battle of Tribute



The UNSC Kitty Hawk, or CVA-63, is an Enterprise-class supercarrier of the UNSC Navy. Her name is from the old USN carrier from 1955 and the city in North Carolina, United States of America.