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UNSC Trial by Fire
Production information
Class Warrior-class destroyer
Designation number1138
Technical specifications
Engine unit(s)Main drives
  • Large drives (4)

Smaller drives

  • Auxiliary drives (8)
  • Tertiary drives (12)
Power planttwin linked Mark XVI MAELSTROM advanced fusion reactors
Slipspace driveMark 29 translight engine
Hulllayered modular/fixed armour (1500mm)
  • RADAR absorbant, UV/LADAR distorting coating
  • energy-reactive regenerative nanomaterial
  • alternating ceramic/CVT/Titanium alloy plates, silicon carbide backing
  • ceramic chevron plates/plasma resistant polymer
  • secondary ceramic/CVT/Titanium alloy plate
  • plasma-resistant resin-impregnated carbon nanofibre
  • Boron Carbide/Titanium Carbide/CVT/Titanium ceramic plate
Armament*Mark III Light Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (2)
  • RSGM-16 Archer (60 pods, 1800 missiles)
  • RIM-109 Medusas (1100 cells, 1100 missiles)
  • BSGM-14 Harpoon (28 tubes, 84 missiles)
  • RSM-19 Shiva (1 tube, 6 missiles)
  • dual Mark XII 155mm naval gun turrets (15)
  • dual Mark XIII 305mm naval gun turrets (5)
  • quad M502 50mm railgun turrets (30
Complement*4 D-77 Pelicans
  • Mark 4 lifeboat (72)
  • provisions to accommodate 2 ODST platoons (20 men, 24 SOEIVs
  • 1 Marine company (200 men)
Shieldsseven linked Mark XVI AURORA Projected Energy Barrier System
AffiliationUNSC Navy
Fleet/Battle group?
Known commander(s)?
Laid down?
Battles*Harvest Campaign
  • Fall of Reach

The UNSC Trial by Fire was a Warrior-class destroyer of the UNSC Navy. It's pretty stupid.