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"Stay close to me, Foxtrot! And we will finish this fight!!!"
—Valiant rallying members in Fireteam Foxtrot
Valiant often
called Val was an ODST in ODST Fireteam Foxtrot . He was Ash's second-in-command. He led three other ODSTs into battle on Sol-III.


After Max was killed by a Jiralhanae, he, Kayla and Greyson, who was from Fireteam Alpha, were defending themselves against near-impossible odds against Brutes and Jackals. He followed Greyson's orders to fall back with him and Kayla. As they retreated he scoped the area behind them, looking for snipers. As he scanned a building's rooftop, Valiant spotted a  Kig-yar sniper, he fired at the same time the Jackal had fired a needle from a needle rifle. The SRS99 round killed the Jackal, but the needle pierced through his scope and penatrated his helmet. Greyson came back to grab his dogtag.


"Think of the gun as an extension of yourself. Wrap your finger around that trigger, gently. Don't pull or squeeze it hard. Now breath in and don't fire until you know you have a bullseye when the gun is fired."
—-Asher-A138 to Val while training with sniper rifles


  • Val was trained to be a sniper by Asher-A138.
  • He spoke fluent Hungarian.

A quick drawing of Val