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The Werewolf-class is a heavy battlecruiser in the UNSC.


The ships stand at 3.5 kilometers. They have 7 meters of titanium-A battleplate. The first Werewolf-class heavy battlecruiser, the Werewolf, entered service in 2535 as the lead ship of the Werewolves. Very soon after, the Winter Winds  entered service to hold the  GLADIATOR Project's 1st Company (300 at the time, cut down to 150 after Trials) and about 15 Spartans. The Winter Winds also became the flagship of UNSC Battle Group Werewolf, which all Werewolves are a part of. Later, the Open Invitation entered service as the home ship of the GLADIATOR Project 2nd company. Also, a fourth ship, the Wounded Eagle, was made for the GLADIATOR 3rd Company. There were six other ships of this class manufactured by the UNSC.


  • One multi-barrel main battery consisting of: one Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, and four Onager cannons
  • 25 Point Defense Guns
  • 150 oversized Archer missile pods

Advanced ShieldingEdit

By 2557, the Werewolves have advanced energy shielding, making them more effective in battle.