Will was a SPARTAN III during the Human-Covenant War. He was also part of ROYAL Team, a team of Spartan III Commandos and 3rd best Spartan team in UNSC history, 1st being Red Team and 2nd being NOBLE Team. They participated in the Battle and Fall of Reach. In the end, only Master Chief and Linda-058 were the only ones to get off Reach. The rest died on Reach, including NOBLE and ROYAL Team.

Biography Edit

Will was black-haired and blue eyed. He was the only one in his team to be this type. He was originally an ODST, but because of his actions and his will to win, he was able to one of the few ODSTs in UNSC history to be allowed to become a SPARTAN.

Battle of Reach Edit

As Reach commenced, his team was assigned to check out an outpost that went dark just 2 hours after Visegrad Relay went dark. As NOBLE and ROYAL Teams went to investigate the darkened outposts but both found out that it was Covenant. Winter Contingency was declared. Then, Royal fought in several key battles such as the reconnaissance mission into the "dark" zone along with several other recon teams, Will and S-219 was part of this. They also participated in OPERATION: TIP OF THE SPEAR and also to down a Covenant battlecruiser, which sadly SPARTAN S-185 sacrificed himself in order to destroy it. Will was there to see his death. They also participated in the Battle of New Alexandria, where S-230 died from a needle rifle sniper shot as the team was redeploying. After they took back ONI Kilo Base, the team of 4 Spartans split up, Will going with Doctor Jacobs, the lead scientist at Kilo Base, going to Bravo Outpost, the outpost they first inspected. As Will, Doctor Jacobs, and a group of 6 ODST specialists arrived at the outpost, they discovered Doctor Jacob's body on the floor. As they looked at the body, then at Doctor Jacobs, he transformed into a Covenant Field Marshall and killed all but 2 of the ODSTs knocking one down and taking the other with him, and eventually killed him in front of Will. He eventually killed the Field Marshall but 3 Zealots arrived and Will killed 2, but more Covenant arrived: It was a trap. Will fought and fought until he was cornered in a room. He walked out as if surrendering, but he pulled out his magnum and charged at them, but before he could, the Minors fired into him and killed him. Jae Knaz, the 3rd Zealot, said to the dying Spartan that humanity will be destroyed by the Covenant and then Knaz stabbed Will in the chest, but Will punched Knaz and got back up, took off his helmet, grabbed an assault rifle and his magnum and fired and killed about 4 Elites before Knaz killed him by stabbing him in the face.